Does my reseller have a license?

Thank you for your commitment and concern as there are still many music pirates out there. Alex Ruis defines a music pirate as an entity that makes music accessible to others without the permission of rights holder(s). He considers a person who consumes music for her or his own pleasure without the consent of rightholder(s) to be a rascal.

What is the relevance of this?

Reasonable and fair compensation for a performed service is among the preconditions under which a person can continue to perform her or his service. Lawmakers worldwide have failed to establish what constitutes reasonable and fair compensation for composing, performing, recording and distributing music. To avoid financial ruin, Alex Ruis set the fee for streaming a single music track at $0,01-0,05 a time. The fee for downloading a single music track is $1-1,50.

Below is an exclusive list of possible and well-known resellers licensed to sell WAV (1411 kbps) through compressed files of Alex Ruis with a bitrate of 320 kbps. Low bitrate files are offered as a stream. Private use only.

There are no authorized resellers of sheet music.

These approved resellers may sell (parts of) his released music for private use:

Licensed resellers

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Free account without subscription, without ads. Only pay via credit card or PayPal about 3.3 pence per single track as you play via web or Sonstream app. (Complete albums far less per track.) About 75% of the revenue goes to the artist(s).

Free account without subscription, without ads, with following and communication system. Only pay via credit card or PayPal about €1,25 per single track (MP3, FLAC and more) download. Play via suitable apps, among others the Bandcamp app. About 85% of the revenue goes to the artist(s).

Apple, Tidal (incentive selection of 22 pieces)

Free account with subscription, without ads, with following and communication system. Pay some €€ per month to listen to several millions of pieces of music. Play via web or suitable apps. About $0,0000-0,0151 per stream goes to the artist(s).

In addition, diverse organizations have licenses for varying uses of a particular musical work, but NOT for offering private listening.

If you want to use a piece of music in a way other than listening to it privately, you need a license for that particular use. For example, if you want to add the music to your movie (series). Many of Alex Ruis' pieces of music were created for use in numerous productions by others.

If your budget allows, you may also be interested in having music specially produced for your product. Please contact him for that.