Sleepy – piano

Features: 1411 kbps, album, MP3, music, piano, stream, WAV First Release: 2023-03-26

Sleepy - piano
Sleepy - piano

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Like Simple Syntunes this piece of music is a result of a study in the art of keeping syntunes (synchronous or simultaneous melodies) simple. As the title suggests, it is sleepy music. Through a lullaby, the listener is calmed down.

"When my wife and I went to lunch, she asked me to play my new piece Sleepy. Whether I could have it repeated so she could absorb it properly. Thus it happened. We lunched for more than half an hour before I stopped repeating it. And no, I didn't have to wake her up.

I believe she is the biggest fan of my music. According to her, you can listen to most of my pieces all day without getting bored.

I'm a lucky guy."