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For the full functionality of this website an information system is required of which the following specific components are crucial: an undated browser and a digitally skilled user. Browsers may view this website differently and treat scripts differently. This site has been optimised for screens with a high number of pixels, allowing it to be displayed properly on most devices. Alex Ruis is not liable for damage caused by insufficient capacities of information systems.

Accessibility of this website

Alex Ruis does not guarantee reliable operation or uninterrupted availability of this website. Complaints about accessibility should be addressed to the hosting provider. Alex Ruis is not liable for any damage caused by the distribution of data via the Internet, such as malfunctions or delays in the provision of data by you to Alex Ruis or vice versa via this website.

Data contained in this website

Alex Ruis takes great care to ensure the various quality features of the data contained in this website. In particular, imperfections in the characteristics of timeliness, sensitivity, accuracy and completeness may occur. Alex Ruis disclaims any form of liability for such inadequacies on this website and reserves the right to change the information without giving any reason.


The personally identifiable information that you send to Alex Ruis via this website is subject to the General Data Protection Ordinance (AVG). In summary, this Regulation lays down the obligations of the data controller with regard to the data subject. The personal data required for this purpose will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected and will be further – if necessary – securely stored. Learn more about the General Data Protection Ordinance?

Alex Ruis will as soon as possible process your application / request via the contact form. If you are not a customer, your entered data will be deleted from the online database within a few minutes after processing. Client data will be taken offline at varying times and stored in accordance with the applicable laws. If you are a customer or supplier contact person, first name, last name, delivery address, email address, telephone numbers and Skype Name may be stored offline in relation to your company.

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In order for cookies such as and from various social media to work properly, they are only necessary if you wish to log in there.

The cookie from measures the number of times an advertisement has been shown. By using cookies, it is possible to prevent unnecessary repetition of advertisements.

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Terror, vandalism and the like

Alex Ruis does not guarantee that the data and software accessible via this website are free of spyware, viruses or similar harmful components. He does, however, guarantee that all data placed on this site at the time of placing it was free of the aforementioned harmful components and that it was specified that the anti-spyware and anti-virus software was reasonably updated (i.e. was < 24 hours old). The folders under alexruis are searched for illegal files at random times.

Activities that pose a threat to the saved data on and unhindered operation of this website are combated as much as possible.

References and hyperlinks

References to literature or hyperlinks to other sites serve exclusively to inform the user. Alex Ruis accepts no responsibility for the content of the literature or Internet sites referred to via a hyperlink or otherwise. Alex Ruis reserves the right to change or terminate any literature reference, link or link at any time.


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