Simple Syntunes – sheet music piano

Features: 210 x 297 mm., A4, piano, sheet music, suggested fingering Composition Year: 2021

Simple Syntunes - piano
Simple Syntunes - piano

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These pieces of music are the result of a study in the art of keeping syntunes (synchronous or simultaneous melodies) simple. "I remember playing Bach's famous minuet in G for friends over 20 years ago. Afterwards I heard, 'Now something simple.' That got me thinking about the relationship between a musician and her or his audience. Above all, a musician wants to influence the audience. Young musicians in particular often try to impress the audience with their technical ability. If such a simple piece makes such an impression, isn't it time to shift the focus to anything but technique?

The same is true of a composer. I have found it more difficult to express feelings and thoughts with few than with many notes. This completed work is only a first attempt. The listener can compare it with my other works and judge to what extent I have succeeded in keeping my music simpler. Which one appreciates the most."


Music pieces with many repetitions are popular today. Since his music rarely contains that, he thought it would be nice to write such pieces as well. Note that the edges of the quality of syntunes are being pushed here.  


A hopefully refined effect on the listener through beauty of tone, elegance and harmony of melodies, is the objective of this piece of music. 


Another piece of music with many repetitions, often sounding a bit whiny. As in pastime, the edges of the quality of syntunes are being pushed here.


Like the music piece "Meditation", the refined influence on the listener is the main objective of this piece, through the beauty of tone, elegance and harmony of the melodies. 

Once upon a time

A fairy tale from which you might awaken by the middle section. 

Awakening time

If you haven't yet awakened from the fairy tale "Once upon a time," you may do so while listening to this piece. It is thematically related to the opening piece "Pastime", hence it is the final piece of this series of simple syntunes.