Meditative Pleasuresymphony orchestra

Features: 1411 kbps, album, MP3, music, orchestra, stream, WAV First Release: 2022-12-16

Meditative Pleasure - Symphony Orchestra
Meditative Pleasure - Symphony Orchestra

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Meditative Pleasure

Meditative Pleasure was derived from an earlier work, the simple syntune Meditation. Alex Ruis looks back on the Simple Syntunes album with mixed feelings. On the one hand, it is indeed music of simple intent. On the other hand, the simultaneous melodies provide some complexity. This is inherent in syntunes, the music he primarily wants to create. 

As full-fledged syntunes, the pieces Meditation and Contemplation are superior to the others. However ... he observes the listening behavior of his audience. As for Simple Syntunes, Meditation is about as popular as Once Upon a Time. It is surpassed only by Whining. Whining (and Pastime) were composed because of the current popularity of whining music. 

Meditation is a textbook example of a syntune. Right now, as usual, Alex Ruis wants to accomplish several things: give more weight to Meditation AND be added to other playlists. That is why he orchestrated Meditation and added a few things to it, such as an intro, a middle voice and intermezzi. The intro induces the meditative session. The anthem-like intermezzi are the product of the meditation.

What are syntunes?

Syntunes are pieces of music that largely consist of simultaneously performed tunes or melodies. These are attuned to each other in such a way that they chord together and thus form the whole harmony. You should avoid accompaniment and mutual imitation between the tunes. These thoughts and especially the why are the most important ones that Mike Monitor has produced.