Marija from Beograd – piano

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Marija from Beograd - Piano
Marija from Beograd - Piano

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A performance on the piano of the sheet music from the letter to Marija from Belgrade. This is the piano version from 1992 of the original manuscript sent to Mary from Belgrade on 16 december 1989.

"I first met Mary from Belgrade at Lake Bohinj in Slovenia. At the time she was a promising student of architecture and history of art. We talked about all sorts of things. She was the first to show great interest in the music that occupied me. Once home, I sent her all kinds of beautiful music from Albinoni to Tschaikovsky. She also sent me all kinds of music, accompanied by sweet messages. On December 16, 1989 I became in an extraordinary state of consciousness by reading one of those messages. During this situation I wrote down Marija From Beograd by heart in about 2 hours. It took me far more time to learn how to play the piece."

Mary from Belgrade judged the music this way: “this music is quite poised (…) No, really, this music is very serious, almost solemn, (…), pensive”.

The lyrics of this musical letter are meant to be sung by a musical instrument:

Ma-ri-ja from Be-o-grad

thank you for the mu-sic

thank you for your cards

‘received them on some clou-dy days

just af-ter I’d ta-ken this sheet!

Thank you for your wish-es

and for your wor-ry-ing

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