Beautiful Lifesymphony orchestra

Features: 1411 kbps, album, MP3, music, orchestra, stream, WAV First Release: 2023-05-31

Beautiful Life - Symphony Orchestra

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Beautiful Life

As the title suggests, Beautiful Life is about the beautiful things in life. Somewhere in the middle part of the piece, as usual, there is a reflection on the less beautiful sides. After that there is a resumption of theme 2, followed by theme 1. However, after 8 bars theme 1 is complemented by the bass voice of theme 2. So the beautiful life is becoming more complicated. That was emphasized by the many modulations anyway. Fortunately, there is still room for a happy ending.

"Beautiful Life is a great example of a piece that in retrospect you can reason why you wanted to make it. I don't do that: as often happens, the themes just fell into my mind and I tried to make something beautiful out of them."