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He releases his music in sound and image on the basis of like it or not. Limited through selected services. Of course, there is additional information about the music and its creator under Thoughtful Music.

What is special about Alex Ruis' music?

Thoughtful Music is the name he proposes for music that also takes into account the influence on the psyche that it exerts. In addition to all kinds of thought constructions and feelings. Consciously, people experience music very differently. Unconsciously may be another story. He particularly emphasizes that people should be careful about the obviousness of subordination and superordination in music as in other fields, because nothing has been established about this yet. He is aware of that most music, consisting of melodies with accompaniment, supports dictators, oligarchs and other big shots. Maybe just a little bit, something in between various psychopharmaceuticals and silent marches. Listeners may eventually come to take it for granted that there is a dominant voice, supported only by background voices. (Not to be confused with vocals.) Please note in this regard that outside the West there is hardly any contrapuntal (melody with counter melodies) tradition.

In music his mission is to harmonize people through the influence of moods

To harmonize means: creating a balance between waking consciousness, subconsciousness and superconsciousness, exaggerated feelings – think of self-esteem – thoughts and actions.

Harmony obtained through stylish simultaneous tunes

Until it is shown to his satisfaction that any influence of subordination and superordination in music does not extend beyond himself, he will spread antidoses syntunes (harmony obtained through stylish simultaneous tunes) over listeners. So you could also call his approach precautionary music. Just in case and for those who do not like deification of loners and certain groups. For people who like the sound of freedom, equivalency and democracy. Not to mention listeners who don't care as long as it sounds to their satisfaction :-). Although he will not let sound more than 4 voices at a time, he grants the approximately 7 billion people as well as animals and plants their influence on their circumstances and that of their loved ones.

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Complete catalog of sheet music.

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