More attention for symbolism.

Symbolism and meaning of music

Symbolism is the key to the music of Alex Ruis. He assumes that experiencing symbolism has more or less influence on peoples minds. Making music in itself is trying to influence the mind with variations on primal sounds. Therefore, to counteract feelings of unimportance and other disharmony, Alex Ruis’ music is built on simultaneous, equal tunes. Which have no intention to imitate each other. So these are free and less dependent of one another than in e.g. canons, fugues. Different tunes express equally different attitudes, feelings, opinions, etcetera.

Moreover, music is a universal language. Language has meaning for the one who thinks to understand it.

Typical for symbolism - like music - is, that the meaning is multi-interpretable. Still you may safely conclude that the:

  • upper tune stands for:

    • VIP’s

    • influential persons

    • upper class

    • leader

    • head

    • superconsciousness

    • and much more

  • middle tunes stand for:

    • common people

    • middle class

    • secondary

    • trunk

    • consciousness

    • and much more

  • lower tune stands for:

    • simple people

    • lower class

    • subordinate

    • feet

    • subconsciousness

    • and much more

Tunes do not have to be accompanied by chords, which are secondary to a melody. Because this is a vision of music that is more in keeping with totalitarian regimes. In that vision music should emphasize, above all, that in life it’s all about who dominates, who plays the first violin. But tunes can stand up for themselves. Together with other tunes they can reach agreements, which can lead to chords. That is why the middle tunes are usually not less important than the top or bottom tunes.

Alex Ruis believes that music should not necessarily be about freedom and equivalence, but that balance plays a leading role in it. To contribute to the restoration of balance in Western music, the mid-tones in Alex Ruis' music are sometimes more important than the high notes. It is live and let live in this music, which is totally of this time, because there is more demand from people to be considerate of them!

Proverbs and sayings about music

Sayings and proverbs about music can contain clues about how music relates to other subjects. An important source of knowledge to understand the music of Alex Ruis.

Below are a number of Dutch proverbs and sayings related to his music:

  • Touch a sensitive string

    • Meaning: something is very sensitive for someone

    • Meaning: to be interested in a certain subject and someone who then pays attention to it

  • Cracking a hard note

    • Meaning: discussing things that are difficult

    • Meaning: doing a difficult job

  • Feed the overtone

    • Meaning: to say the most

  • Playing the first violin

    • Meaning: have the highest word and play the boss

  • Setting up a high-pitched tone

    • Meaning: pretend to be in charge

  • Singing a lower tune

    • Meaning: less bragging, less mouthing

  • Turn on another tone

    • Meaning: talk in a different way

  • There’s music in it

    • Meaning: being able to expect a lot from something and/or having fun from it


Source: Dutch proverbs


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